Bookings are not required, just come along to the classes that suit you.
Please wear comfortable clothing.  We have mats available for use if required or you are most welcome to bring your own.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00–11:00am Mid Morning Bliss         General All Levels
12:15–1:00pm Midday Revive Midday Revive   Midday Revive    
1:00–3:30pm           Workshops
5:30–6:45pm     Stretch & Flow      
5:45–7:00pm Strength & Energy          
6:45–8:00pm   Stretch & Flow   Stretch & Energy    
7:00–8:15pm     Vinyasa Flow      
10:00–11:00am Mid Morning Bliss
12:15–1:00pm Midday Revive
5:45–7:00pm Strength & Energy

12:15–1:00pm Midday Revive
6:45–8:00pm Stretch & Flow

5:30–6:45pm Stretch & Flow
7:00–8:15pm Vinyasa Flow

12:15–1:00pm Midday Revive
6:45–8:00pm Strength & Energy


10:00–11:00am General All Levels
1:00–3:30pm Workshops

Mid Morning Bliss - A gentle, nourishing practice suitable for everyone who wants to slow right down
Midday Revive - Beat the 3pm slump with energising sequences adjusted for all levels
Stretch & Flow - Suitable for absolute beginners or those wanting a gentler practice
Strength & Energy - Aimed at those who have tried yoga before or prefer a more physical practice
General All Levels - Options are given to make the practice available to all levels of practitioners
Vinyasa Flow - A dynamic practice that links movement through flow while always connecting with the breath
Workshops - Refer to the Events page for current workshops

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