Meet Your Yoga Guide

Kat Phillips

"If you’ve seen all the beautiful shots of Instagram yogis turning themselves into upside down pretzels and thought, “I could never do that, yoga’s not for me” then let me show you that yoga is in fact for everyone!"


Hi, I’m Kat and I’m a “crisis yogi”. Or at least I used to be. For many years, I would turn to yoga when life seemed to be taking a bit of a downward turn. Each time it would help me to find balance and strength to get through the storm. A few years ago, it finally occurred to me that if I practiced yoga regularly, then the storms were less frequent and much milder. This is simply down to the amazing healing benefits the techniques of classical yoga have to offer for both body and mind.

With this realisation I finally turned to yoga on a more regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I manage to find an hour or more every day to get on my mat – let’s be honest, who’s really got time for that?! To me yoga doesn't just happen on the mat. It is more than the physical postures and therefore surprisingly easy to fit into your day without even having to pull the mat out of the cupboard; it may instead be taking a couple of minutes out to focus on my breath (pranayama and dhyana), helping someone out of a tight spot (karma yoga), or feeling the gratitude toward whatever higher power there is helping me get by each day (bhakti yoga). I really enjoy finding new ways to bring yoga into my life and would love to give you some tips too.

In 2015 I took it all a step further and completed my Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification with Ashram Yoga, spending an intensive month at their amazing ashram style retreat in the beautiful Coromandel. In 2016 I completed the 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification and the following Year I opened the Pure Life Yoga studio in Upper Hutt. In 2018 I embarked on a further course of study lasting 3 years through the Krishnamacharya yoga lineage.

While I had to make the very difficult decision to close down the studio in early 2019 due to personal situations, I am continuing my studies and teaching private yoga sessions, which is where my true passion for yoga lies. Through personal or small group tuition I am able to teach yoga as I feel it is most beneficial - personalised to the individual to create deep transformation.