Class Descriptions

There is no need to book for any of the following classes. We will always do our best to make room for you but classes are on a first come, first served basis. Arrive early to secure your mat.

Please wear comfortable clothing and discuss with the teacher before class if you have any particular concerns or requirements.

Once you have found a class that you like the sound of, go to our timetable to find the time that works for you.

Stretch & Flow

Suitable for those who have never tried yoga before, are very new to the practice or simply prefer a more low-key approach to their yoga. Classes are designed to introduce students to the practice of yoga in a sustainable and accessible way.  You will be introduced to the use of asana (postures) to prepare the joints and muscles for the stronger physical practices.  Pranayama (breathing techniques) will be introduced to improve lung function and regulate the nervous system.  All sessions will finish with a guided relaxation.

Strength & Energy

Aimed at those who have practiced yoga before, prefer a stronger physical practice or wish to move their yoga to the next level.  More focus will be placed on the energetic reasoning behind the yoga, pranayama techniques will be explored further and classes will be finished with either a guided relaxation or dhyana (meditation).

General All Levels

Suitable for all levels, variations and options are given to make asanas accessible to anyone.  Classes will consist of asana, pranayama and relaxation/meditation however the pace and theme may vary each week depending on who shows up and the energy of the day.

Mid-Morning Bliss

Gentle, nourishing yoga to create the time and space especially for you to just breathe.  Suitable for all experience levels and perfect to release stress and tension held in the body and mind.  These hour long classes consist of gentle postures held for 2-5 minutes, allowing the body's connective tissues to be stretched and strengthened slowly, helping to improve flexibility.  The nourishing nature of the practice helps to calm frazzled nerves and reduce stress.

Midday Revive

Energising practices designed to get you through your work day and beat the 3pm slump.  Suitable for the absolute beginner through to the more experienced yogi as options are given where needed.  Classes are 45 minutes long, allowing you time to get to and from the office without too much of a rush.  Each session will include a blend of flowing and static asana (postures), integrating the breath with movement and will finish with a short guided relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic practice that links movement through flow while always connecting with the breath. This practice is great for building strength and flexibility, encouraging you to stretch, sweat and smile. Classes may also include pranayama, meditation and will always finish with relaxation.

Meditation Taster Sessions

Each month we will focus on a different style of meditation allowing beginner and experienced meditators alike to find a style that really works for them. No experience is required and all meditations are non-denominational.

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